The Gentrification Test

Ways to see if your community is being gentrified. How does your local community compare to the examples in the video? Advertisements

Walking in Riverside

Walking in Riverside may sound like a nightmare for many of us. We took the time to talk to one our viewers, Justin. Justin is a second year History major who lives near… Continue reading

Get your walk on! Check out WalkScore! This intuitive site and smartphone application provides walkability services to any destination. The company’s mission to promote ‘walkable neighborhoods’ to better the environment and health of everyone is quite… Continue reading

LA Sidewalks

The historic 110 or Pasadena Freeway, the first and oldest Californian freeway. The term ‘nobody walks in LA’ ┬ácan be heavily emphasized given the fact that only 3.4 percent of Los Angeles residents… Continue reading

LA Transit

The public transportation map for Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Travelling by car is the norm in Southern California, but this map clearly shows how the city is contributing to make transportation… Continue reading

What is gentrification?


Gentrification plays a major role in our blog’s theme, ‘Sprawling Out’. Gentrification’s residential shift allows for the rebuilding of a poor urban area into an area with high real estate prices, thus driving… Continue reading

In-Class Survey

Here’s a little survey/poll we conducted in our media class regarding the students’ form of transportation every week. ┬áResults were pretty interesting!

The solution to the pollution

Check out this video on the future of transportation- electric cars! See how electric cars are the answer to cooling down auto emissions

Fighting Obesity

Regardless of your gender, age, education level, smoking or eating habits, the odds of being obese are higher in sprawling counties. For example, it was ten percent higher for a person living in… Continue reading