Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Ride through the Green Movement with the LACBC! 1684 more miles of bikeways?  Who wouldn’t say yes to that?!  Join LA and pedal through a much more sustainable… Continue reading

Green Options

It is time to leave the world of the automobile behind us and sprawl out responsibly.  What are our options? ride your bike don’t rely so much on your car take the bus… Continue reading

Los Angeles – It’s Time To Make A Difference

Tired of congested streets and smog-filled air? Yup, that makes you and the entire Los Angeles population.  Come on, who wants to be stuck in traffic for hours or left helplessly breathing in the… Continue reading

Aerial View Of Freeway Cutting Through Los Angeles Urban Sprawl

Do we want to keep living like this?

Obesity caused by Urban Sprawl

Obesity is a serious case for far commuters but they don’t have the time for exercise, and with the decrease in parks and open spaces where can people perform their daily physical activities?

The Freeway Planet

Stack Interchanges in LA County